Udemy Grammar Course Cover

Master the Grammar of Any Language 

A Udemy Course

A grammar course designed for language learners. Applicable to all languages as a grammar primer. Includes strategies and definitions of grammar terms, whether they exist in English or not.

If grammar appears to be an insurmountable wall blocking you from language proficiency, this course is for you! Whether you are learning Spanish or Japanese, this course will take you through grammar terminology and simplify difficult concepts, all to bring you one step closer to language fluency.

Important topics include:

  • Parts of Speech (The Building Blocks)
  • TheCaseSystem
  • Particles
  • Postpositions
  • Verb tenses, aspect and mood
  • And much more!

Don’t let jargon get in the way of your language learning. Learn to use grammar to your advantage, and accelerate the learning process.

Updates are in the works!

I am planning a complete overhaul of this course. It will be expanded to include vocabulary strategies, language-specific modules and more. Work commences around March-April 2017.

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