Edit Content Faster: Draft to Published in 5 Minutes

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Edit Content Faster, edit blog posts faster to go from draft to published in 5 minutes
It’s been shown that writing more blog posts correlate to more leads. But it can be difficult to continuously pump out quality content. Not only because it takes time to write, but because it takes time to edit.
Most of us would like to be able to edit our content faster.
Here’s how you can edit your blog posts in 5-10 minutes.

Edit for Logic

Do all of your sentences make sense? Does the jump from one sentence to another lead the reader on a logical pathway from start to finish. Could you clarify anything?
The more logical you become, the more needless details you can crop out. This is essential, as users read only 20% of text. They scan through the rest.
If a reader can’t understand the point or organization of your content, they may bounce.

Edit for Consistency

Do all your facts contribute to your argument? Are you using the same verb tense throughout the piece, or is it messy?
Consistency is a part of cohesiveness. If you have random details or even change how you refer to a person half-way through, you will confuse the reader. Your piece will begin to crumble.
Scan through your post to make sure that all the technical parts of the text are in order.

Edit for Style

To make things easier, I suggest using the Hemingway Editor. This is when you check the readability of your text. How long are your sentences? Are you overusing certain adjectives and adverbs?
How can you make your text more accessible to your audience?
Writing clear and purpose-filled text is better. In fact, the Hemingway Editor includes a readability scale. The lower the grade, the more people will be able to understand your writing. A grade lower than 8 will be easily understood by most audiences.
Remember that cutting down isn’t dumbing down. It’s painting a clear picture.

Edit for SEO

Finally, is there anything you can add or change to improve your SEO rankings? Could you add more inbound links? Change a few header titles to match a keyword? Did you add any alt tags for your images?
SEO is the shoe-shine of an article. Get this down, and you’re content will be going places.

How do you edit content faster?

These four steps are what I use to edit my pieces. How do you speed edit? Let me know in the comments.