Creating Content: Generate Leads From Content

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Creating content: how to generate leads through your content

There is a truth many social media users don’t know about.

Going viral isn’t the only way to gain followers. In fact, “viral” is more of a scale than anything. It is possible to become popular in your niche while being unknown outside of your market. And there are many returns.

The key is write content that matters to your audience.

1. Creating content your audience wants

This seems like a no-brainer. Most of use feel that we are researching our audience. But there are two kinds of research: Analytical interpretation of data and quality questions.

The first entails looking at data, like Twitter analytics, and summarizing your audience. The second involves taking a hard look at conversations your target market is having.

Here are some key questions to ask:

  1. What is my target audience talking about? When they post or share content, what questions do they want answered?
  2. What answers are already out there? How does my product combat the problem?
  3. Do I have any personal experience with the problem? How can I relate best with my target audience.

Take this post on Tumblr about language learning. I still get followers and reblogs almost every week from this one post. One recurring question across platforms is “How am I making progress?” Different influencer’s have different methods to gauge this, but posters still seem frustrated.

I wanted to post about this topic, in part because it was personal. I understood the frustration.

While I didn’t have a product to sell, I had experience with the situation. So I decided to share it.

2. Create content with feeling

Most users don’t want an test or a method to test their language levels. They want understanding and community. So when I created my top post, I tapped into that. I used vivid examples to show fluidity between language levels. I described the problem.

Try writing about the problem from the audience’s perspective. Understand their underlying emotions. Are they inconvenienced? Frustrated? Lost? It’s showing a small vulnerability to make a connection.

3. Creating positive content.

But “feeling” doesn’t mean bringing in negativity. When I wrote my post, I ended it on a positive note. I argued that while determining a language level can be frustrating, it was worth it. Because learning a language is an amazing process.

If you are selling a product, you don’t want your target audience going away feeling down or discouraged. You want them to not only know that you’ve solved their problem, but to feel confident in your solution.

You are building trust.

Creating content especially through social media, is a way to connect with your audience. It’s not only a way to sell a product, but to create trust and credibility.

Tapping into your niche audience’s feelings will not only attract potential leads. It will build your brand.