Creating Content: Generate Leads From Content

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Creating content: how to generate leads through your content

There is a truth many social media users don’t know about. Going viral isn’t the only way to gain followers. In fact, “viral” is more of a scale than anything. It is possible to become popular in your niche while being unknown outside of your market. And there are many returns. The key is write content that matters to your … Read More

Edit Content Faster: Draft to Published in 5 Minutes

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Edit Content Faster, edit blog posts faster to go from draft to published in 5 minutes

It’s been shown that writing more blog posts correlate to more leads. But it can be difficult to continuously pump out quality content. Not only because it takes time to write, but because it takes time to edit.   Most of us would like to be able to edit our content faster.   Here’s how you can edit your blog … Read More

How safe is your company from unprofessional freelancers?

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Is your company safe from unprofessional freelancers?

Several weeks ago we invited our new neighbors to a weekend lunch. We had agreed on a date a week earlier. But after cooking up two of the four dishes and texting our guests two hours before the lunch, we found they would not be coming. The worst of it: If my mother-in-law hadn’t texted them, we would have had … Read More

Get More Twitter Followers: The Minimalist Guide

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Get More Twitter Followers: A Minimalist Guide

I know what your browser window looks like. You have at least twenty tabs open in Google Chrome alone. Open now: Your Twitter account, Twitter analytics, your follower software, your unfollow software, your scheduling software, and three separate tools for hashtag research. And that’s just Twitter, forget LinkedIn, Facebook, or the rest of the Social Media realm. All of this … Read More

The Writing Sprint

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The Writing Sprint

A sprint is a term commonly used in UI/UX development, used to describe a time-frame in which a certain task is to be completed and reviewed. This trusty guide describes a sprint used to create and test a prototype in 5 days. The book is also geared more towards teams, and time management. As you can already see, I had to … Read More

Quality Writing: 5 Keys to the Craft

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Quality Writing

“I’m looking for a program that is affordable and effective,” I said to my study abroad coordinator during my freshman year. He leaned back into his black leatherette chair and offered a cynical smile. “There’s either affordable or effective. They rarely come together.” One student who took the lowest-cost option ended up half-way across the world with no support and … Read More