Goethe and the Gita: Faust in pursuit of action

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Goethe and the Gita

“Alas, I have studied philosophy, / the law as well as medicine, / and to my sorrow, theology; / studied them well with ardent zeal, / yet here I am, a wretched fool, / no wiser than I was before.” Did Goethe read the Bhagavad Gita? We know that he read Govinda’s Gita, a lyric revolving around Krishna, from Fritz … Read More

5 international books to get you through 2017

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5 Books to get you through 2017

A lot happened last year – good, bad and catastrophic. And whether we like it our not, 2017 is bound to have its ups and downs. If not in our daily life, then on a global scale. For those of us who love to lose ourselves in a good story, books are a great asset. Here are five though-provoking or … Read More