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The Writing Sprint

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A sprint is a term commonly used in UI/UX development, used to describe a time-frame in which a certain task is to be completed and reviewed. This trusty guide describes a sprint used to create and test a prototype in 5 days. The book is also geared more towards teams, and time management. As you can already see, I had to …

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Why your language goals fail (and how to fix them)

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Before I started learning German in 2008, I studied Spanish in school and flirted with Japanese in the library. It’s easy to say why I failed in learning these first two languages. In Spanish, it was the overuse of vocabulary memorization. By the time teachers started introducing grammar, I associated the language with boredom. It was too easy. And Japanese? …

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Begum Jaan: A Film Review

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Bollywood’s “Stop Rape” trend is still running strong. In 2016 Amitabh Bachchan returned in the poignant courtroom drama PINK, and early 2017 saw Hrithik Roshan play a blind avenger after the brutal rape and murder of his wife in Kaabil, although this film leaned more towards Roshan’s character and the satisfying murder of the rapists in a generic action-movie formula. …

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Goethe and the Gita: Faust in pursuit of action

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“Alas, I have studied philosophy, / the law as well as medicine, / and to my sorrow, theology; / studied them well with ardent zeal, / yet here I am, a wretched fool, / no wiser than I was before.” Did Goethe read the Bhagavad Gita? We know that he read Govinda’s Gita, a lyric revolving around Krishna, from Fritz …

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Quality Writing: 5 Keys to the Craft

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“I’m looking for a program that is affordable and effective,” I said to my study abroad coordinator during my freshman year. He leaned back into his black leatherette chair and offered a cynical smile. “There’s either affordable or effective. They rarely come together.” One student who took the lowest-cost option ended up half-way across the world with no support and …

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Learn Hindi in 88 Hours: The Verdict

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Last month I finally buckled down and focused on my spoken Hindi. My goal? To improve my spontaneous speaking skills in regards to daily activities. I believe I met my objectives. While it’s impossible to master a language in one month, it is possible to make major improvements. Here’s how to do it. Preparation is the key to successful study. …

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ACTFL vs ALTE. What's the difference?

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Both teachers and independent learners require a separate evaluation scale. Many language-specific organizations provide this. ALTE, the Association of Language Testers in Europe, can be used in conjunction with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR. American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, ACTFL, on the other hand, adheres to its own standards. A can-do statement is a task that either …

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Why grammar matters and how to master it

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Half of us didn’t like it the first time. Nouns and verbs are simple enough. But then there’s direct and indirect objects, transitivity, mood. And foreign languages look even crazier. We have all sat there staring blankly at an abstract chart, trying to mindlessly memorize a list of rules and irregular forms. But the truth is grammar isn’t that hard. …

New blog posts on language coming soon!

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Hi everyone! There will be new posts twice a month. This blog is dedicated to not only high-quality articles on language and culture, but also for sharing how to apply these topics to your life. It can be as simple as recommending a book or as complicated as explaining verb transitivity or language-specific features. Feel free to catch up on …